About the artist

Jason Ebrahimi was born in London, England, and raised in Toronto. From an early age his talents were recognized. He was enrolled in an arts school called Claude Watson School for the Arts, where only 'gifted' people were accepted. He continued in the arts and graduated as a Graphic Designer. Jason began his career as a designer before his painting venture. It was merely after a few years into his profession where he felt that he should persue a passion of his. He dove into a new world of fine art!


All his paintings are completely hand-painted by the artist himself and is a unique original.

Jason Ebrahimi has mastered a style called Spontaneous Realism. Jason believed he had to break-through the traditional paint brush method by adding a huge variety of palette-knives to his canvas. The palette-knife technique gives Jason an edge over many traditional painters today.

Living in a modern world, a new addition to his painting instruments gave a flare of spontaneity, texture and depth amongst the unspeakable ladder of bold and vivid colours he is known for.

Jason chooses beautiful subjects, more specifically models to paint and has worked on commission basis from his studios in Toronto, Canada and Nancy, France. He is a superb artist with an incredible eye for detail, amongst his bold paint strokes in creating modern art.